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                                                  Lizzy's List 
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We the undersigned declare our public support for disabled talent in the entertainment industry, recognise the under-representation of disabled people on television and signal our intent to utilize said talent wherever possible. 

Lizzie Popoff
Mary Anne Popoff
Alexandra Popoff
Michael Burrell~actor
Trudy Pye
Miranda Bowen~director
Laura Miller
Katie Fraser
Sue Pritchard
Deb Viney
Heather Joyce
Malcom Barnard
Sarah Fogarty
Sean Fogarty
Jessica Fogarty
Georgina Fogarty
Nicola Clark
Lizzy Clark
Philip Clark
Emily Clark
Steve Maguire
Patricia Rowley
Gemma Maule
Zoe Fletcher
Matt Chapman
Elisa Hill
Sarah Walton
Mark Walton
Georgina Walton
Francesca Walton
Marianna Walton
Sarah Donlan
Freya Donlan
Debbie Sharpe
Colin Sharpe
James Sharpe
Lesley Mace
Seema Fitzwiliam
Kevin Gill
Beverley Gill
Orla Gill
Mat Fraser~actor
Sheila Wardley
Jack Thorne~writer
Daniel Bendelman
Rebecca Richmond
Wendy Trew
Richard Trew
Miranda Webb
Jane Asher~actress
Tina Humphreys
Abraham Weatherspoon
Christopher Eccleston~actor
Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson~paralympian
Lawrence Carter-Long~Executive Director Disabilities Network NYC
Helen Blakeman~writer
Juliet May~director
John Yorke
Peter Capaldi~actor/writer/director
Joel Wilson~producer
Dr Paul Darke
Sandra Stratton
Siobhan Donnelly
Jack Reeve
Sarah Lomax
Tom Seymour
Linda Bove~actress
Phoebe Kemp~actress
Olivia Banaria-Gawthrop
Catherine Ashley-Boulton
Dan D.Doty~writer/poet
Christina Martin
Sarah Ismail~disabled blogger and writer
June Devine
Steve Court
Martin Austin~Strategic Director, The Disability Syndicate
David Proud~actor/presenter
Taylor Crawford~actor
James Crawford
Michael Cashman~Labour MEP West Midlands
Jane Lester
Warwick Davies~actor/writer
Liz Crow~film maker

liz Main~storyline consultant

Amy Palmer~actress/writer

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