Equity’s policy statement on integrated casting for performers with disabilities

There is continued under-representation and negative portrayal of disabled performers within the entertainment industry. In particular, the film, television and radio sector of the industry fails to reflect the diverse nature of our society. The employment of performers with disabilities and their positive portrayal must be encouraged.

Equity is campaigning for integrated casting for performers with disabilities to reflect the following:

1) the casting of artists in productions so that the cast/ensemble in its entirety is integrated in composition;

2) the casting of artists to be on the basis of their individual abilities as artists regardless of their disability;

3) the range and type of work to be in no way restricted or bound by stereotypical tradition and convention;

4) the establishment of and adherence to a policy of equal opportunities throughout the industry. Further, Equity calls on casting directors, artistic directors and others in the entertainment
industry to consider performers with disabilities first for all parts specifically written as disabled.

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