We have some of the World’s finest producers, writers and directors in this country. We need them to commission, write and direct work that truly reflects our diverse world. Things are beginning to change for aspiring disabled actors. ‘Don’t play me, pay me’ is a brilliant rallying cry. Together we can meet Lizzy’s challenge. 


Tim Wheeler

Artistic Director-Mind the Gap

I've worked in disabled and non-disabled drama for about ten years now. I'm no
expert and I'm still learning a lot. If the actors on Cast-offs taught me one thing
it's that people with a condition will give you an insight and depth of performance
that lends a complexity that words cannot. But what they equally taught me was that
disabled or non-disabled - these are great actors who deserve work because they're
great actors. Don't play me, pay me is asking the sort of questions that need to be

Jack Thorne. 
Writer-Cast Off's


“Only an actor with a learning disability can truly perform the part
of a character with a learning disability. Almost 1 in 40 people have a
learning disability in the UK. We would like to see this proportion of
people with a learning disability in the media and on stage. We support
the Don’t play me pay me campaign.”

Gus Garside
National Arts Development Manager


Hearing loss is a hidden disability. We would like to see more actors who are deaf or hard of hearing given the opportunity to work on stage and screen. Increasing the visibility of hearing loss in the media will raise public awareness and challenge attitudes about deafness. 
          We hope that the Don't play me pay me campaign will give actors who are deaf or hard of hearing a forum for
sharing their experiences, to gain confidence and to inspire others to do the same

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